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The volcano and the caldera are protected by the Gunung Rinjani Country wide Park established in 1997. Tourism is ever more popular with trekkers in a position to go to the rim, make their way in to the caldera or to make the more arduous climb to the best point fatalities, however, aren’t unusual.In July 2009 the summit route was closed due to volcanic activity in those days and subsequently reopened when the experience reduced. During early 2010 up to May 2010 usage of Rinjani was sometimes again restricted credited to volcanic activity.

The park is popular for mountain climbs and trekking and represents an important character reserve and water catchement area. The recreation area is officially 41,330 hectares (159.6 sq mi) within the recreation area boundaries and carries a further 66,000 hectares (250 sq mi) of shielded forest outside. The hill and its own satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Recreation area (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani). In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Support Rinjani be one of the world’s public geoparks. If this is approved by UNESCO, Mount Rinjani would end up being the first such geological park in Indonesia.

It’s been claimed that the preliminary documentation necessary for UNESCO registration hasn’t received sufficient support from the Nusa Teggara Barat government offices. Among certain requirements to become geo-park sufficient information must be provided showing that the positioning has sufficient and appropriate management, information services, access to educational instructions to facilitate “knowledge-based geotourism”, the implementation of the sustainable regional overall economy, biodiversity conservation, and also to have established public usage of the recreation area.

Support Rinjani has obtained the World Legacy Award from Conservation International and Traveller (2004), and was a finalist for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards (2005 and 2008) from the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).

Rinjani owl was within 2003 and after a decade evidence research is recognized as a fresh endemic owl (before it, in the 19th century is regarded as Mollucas owl)

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